Hydrangeas Bouquet


“For flowers that bloom about our feet,
Father, we thank Thee.
For tender grass so fresh, so sweet,
Father, we thank Thee.
For the song of bird and hum of bee,
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hydrangeas Bouquet

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Cosmos: A Garden Favorite

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Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same. -Anonymous

I love Cosmos. It’s easy to grow, and reseeds itself, showing up in unexpected corners of the garden from year to year.  Cosmos is also a very cooperative flower to photograph.  This morning bright and early, I picked a single blossom, dropped it into a pretty glass piece that used to belong to my mother, and took this photo.  I post-processed with just a bit of desaturation, and some soft fill light.

Pink Cosmos