Yesterday’s Garden


I’m told that my great-grandmother loved to garden until she was well into her 90s. I saw a newspaper clipping about her, which had a photo of her kneeling in her flowerbed to tug weeds.

My love of gardening must have come from her. When I’m yanking weeds or admiring new sprigs of growth, it feels right. When I’m bored or anxious, I head out to the garden. Nothing revives me quite as much as sitting on my patio swing first thing every morning to watch the day unfold. Birds show up. The breeze starts rustling the sweetgum and a nearby hydrangea. It’s all so…well, fresh. I like to freshen my art, too, by stepping away from photography at times and working with my Wacom tablet, art stylus, and Photoshop. Sometimes I alter a photo and turn it into a digital painting or collage. The image I’m sharing today is a bit different, though, because it didn’t start with a photo.

This vintage botanical collage print was created with many layers–handwriting, images, and texture. It reminds me of the type of flower that would have made my great-grandmother smile. It also makes me wonder what she thought about when she knelt in her garden.

Prints are available. Click image for info...

Prints are available. Click image for info…

Avocado Leaves


“I’ve never been without a garden, It’s a lifetime challenge: a thing of beauty and a 3-D puzzle.”   Beatrice J. Elye

Avocado leaves have an interesting texture.  They almost beg to be photographed, and turned into a montage. That’s what I did with two photos of these interesting plants.