Tidepool at Strawberry Hill


One of my favorite spots on the Oregon coast is Strawberry Hill, where I run around like a madwoman for two hours capturing photos of colorful sea life before the tide rolls back in. This is first in a new series available in my Etsy shop, in the Painted Photos section. I spent four days there last week in lush rainforest that hugs our coastline. Much too short, but it’s one of those happy-to-go, happy-to-return-home things. I love these campouts, but I love the Ahhhhh moment of opening my front door and stepping back into Home again, too.

Where’s your favorite getaway place?

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Click image for details

5 thoughts on “Tidepool at Strawberry Hill

  1. Enjoyed your story and your paintings. My favorite get-away place is Fish Creek in Door County, Wisconsin. Plenty of artsy shops, and places to meditate. Also, the night life is cool.

    • Sounds wonderful! Those kind of places are so refreshing, and I can go to mine for just a couple of days and feel like I’ve been gone a week. I guess that says something about how we need to slow down and take in beautiful, quiet places. Life can get so rushed if we let it.

    • Dianne! So good to see you back! I’m looking forward to catching up on your blog. I hope you’re enjoying your summer, with all those grandchildren nearby. Nothing as sweet as grandbabies, no matter what age they are! Thanks for taking time to comment. It was a treat to hear from you again.

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