Painting the Day Away

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So I dragged out my trusty Wacom Intuos tablet and assembled a few Photoshop brushes. Watercolor, impasto, wet sloppy oil. Sometimes I like to lay my camera down for a season and let the colors roll across my Mac like paint dribbles.

There’s something about painting with a digital tablet that reminds me of fishing.
It empties the mind of anything that takes analytical thought. It fires up the creative juices. And it makes me feel a little (excuse the non-delicate term) artsy-fartsy.

I’m a lover of color and swishy marks. I like letting the stylus dance across the tablet while layers of color and shape take their places on the screen above.

Here’s the first – “Outside Looking In”:


Click image for more details…












…and here is one I completed today – “Tidepool”.

What do YOU do for a break from the routine? Which creative niches speak most to you?

Click image for details...

Click image for details…






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