Coral Pink Teasel


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I walked this morning with a young friend who is about to head off to college.

We sipped vanilla lattes and strolled around a beautiful local water gardens that used to be a dried-up field next to our city water purification plant. It’s my favorite place to walk and talk. Sometimes I carry a camera, but not today.

While many argue that the big bucks it took to plan and carry out such an effort was not affordable, it is so grown up and lush now, who could deny its beauty? Letters to our newspaper speak of “overgrown weeds” but to anyone with a trained eye (or simply a love for nature) can clearly see that those “weeds” are essential plants to the overall plan. Bees pollinate them, birds perch on their curved branches, and butterflies and dragonflies flit from blossom to blossom, drinking deeply of the nectar.

It’s interesting to me how some people stumble over money on their way to raw beauty.


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