Quilt Seeds Mosaic


My maternal grandmother was bedridden for over twenty years with a septic form of arthritis that took away her ability to walk. Her creative side kicked into high gear, and she created beautiful quilts, afghans, tablecloths, and bedspreads. I’ve photographed one of her vintage quilts in detail. This image was inspired by one of those photos. I’ve digitally re-patterned it, preserving the original colors of those fabric swatches. I call this new series “Quilt Seeds” because the images are exactly that – “seeds” of Grandma’s quilt, re-created into contemporary prints. Prints are available – click image for full details.


2 thoughts on “Quilt Seeds Mosaic

  1. What a wonderful inspiration for your design which is amazing Bonnie! I absolutely love it. If I’m ever bedridden as your maternal grandmother I hope I will be so industrious. I applaud her for her determination to use her talent. Such a pity to see wasted talent.

    Circles are my favorite design elements so your design really resonates with me. Great choice of color as well.

  2. Boyd, I appreciate your kind comment. So glad you stopped by!
    Your portrait photography is really beautiful, by the way. I did my homework and read about Bojo Photography & discovered it was you! What a gift you have for capturing expressions and special moments so naturally. It looks like your business is going very well. Happy for you!

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