Nothing is worth more than this day.” -Goethe

Available as a print - click image for info

Note: If you’re a Kindle user as I am and if you enjoy quotes as much as I do, check out 365 Quotes to Go, a portable collection of inspiring quotes that are great for taking anywhere your Kindle goes.   Available for only 99¢!

3 thoughts on “Tranquility

    • Hey there Julie! Oh, you are going to LOVE Kindle. I bought mine in 2008–it’s the first version, so no bells ‘n whistles except it does provide FREE wireless. 🙂 I am looking to update to a Kindle 3G in the next couple of months, though. I’ve heard it’s a great version, and provides reliable wireless without the added expense of having to subscribe to a monthly plan (as the newest version requires). My kinda Kindle! (Btw…the quotes book for 99cents just hit the bestsellers lists today in three categories! Very thankful, & doing Happy Dance.) 🙂

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