Poppy Past Its Prime


Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.  – Martin Buxbaum

                (*Click image to enlarge)

One of the sections in my Nature’s Treasures gallery is a collection of florals that may not seem beautiful to someone whose taste demands fresh, showcased flowers. However, I believe every stage of plant (and human) life holds surprises waiting to be discovered and appreciated. It’s how I approach life, and it’s the driving force behind what I choose to photograph. Today’s photo of an Iceland Poppy is an example. Petals lay scattered at the base of this flower, yet I chose to focus on what remained–the heart of the flower.

One of the fascinating things about photography is how each of us develops our own approach to selecting our subjects. I’m interested in hearing how you choose a subject that’s photo-worthy, especially in re. to close-up nature photos. 




5 thoughts on “Poppy Past Its Prime

  1. What a great question, Bonnie. Let me think about that … Seemingly, it’s a random walk, but really, I suppose, it is not. I have certain subjects that I like to visit repeatedly. I love trees, grasses, flowers, etc. As I’m walking through, I’m looking at the light and shadows and they way that it falls upon whatever object that I happen to be looking at. If I find the light attractive or it strikes a chord within me, I stop and start taking pictures.

    So, there is not really a particular object that strikes my fancy, though I do have my favorites, it’s mainly the light … whatever resonates with me.

  2. I love the texture and feel of dead weeds and flowers. When I was young I painted a duo, one of three pink roses, alive and vibrant, and a companion piece of them dead laying on a table.

    Great photo and I love that quote.

  3. Awesome photo Bonnie and your quote is one of the goals I have for my life. A fascinating photo. I too think there is a lot of beauty in age. Our old ones should be revered!

    I look for images that speak to me and hopefully speak to others in an easy straight-forward way that bringing peace to their heart.

  4. I really enjoyed going through your Nature’s Treasures’ gallery, Bonnie. Beautiful close-ups! Intriguing question you ask… I don’t know how to answer that except that I am drawn to my subjects as I would suspect most of us are. As Boyd said, they speak to us and we respond. The more we listen, the more powerful are images are to ourselves and others.

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