What’s the Rush?


Though I am always in haste, I am never in a hurry.  – John Wesley

This small star-shaped flower with the lime-green center reminded me of how closely I studied details of nature when I was a child. Ants climbing a stem, clouds floating across the sky in picture-patterns, birds chirping on some faraway treetop. Nothing was safe from my curiosity.

Somewhere along the way, I lost that childlike wonder–until I discovered photography eight years ago. I wonder, what have you passed by this week in your rush to be somewhere? Remember, for every hurried step there’s a sacrifice.


5 thoughts on “What’s the Rush?

  1. I love this unusual flower. The bright green contrasted with the red is really neat. Einstein said the key to his success was never losing his child-like curiosity. I for one forever want to be a child! Fun! Great photo Bonnie.

  2. Great shot Bonnie, I love the vivid color in this, and your statement is so true…I know I have passed a lot of things I wanted to stop and experience but the speed of my life forced me to pass it by !!

  3. Bonnie, we have similar backgrounds. I’ve always been fascinated by nature and still am; however, somewhere along the way, I lost that fascination until I found photography, lost it, then found it again. Now, that wonder stays. It’s great! Nice accompanying shot, too!

  4. I used to sit in the desert and lay on my stomach to see the tiny creatures crawling around. I tried to picture myself that small and think of how stuff would look if I were that tiny. I think a lot of my work today reflects that.

    And I like this little ‘smiling’ flower!

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