Cosmos in Transition


Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by. – Carl Sandburg

I never know what I’m after in the garden until something calls to me. This Cosmos had two petals left, and I might have overlooked it years ago, but not today. I’d talked recently with my grandaughter who’s almost eight. She has been showing signs of enthusiasm for macro photography and asked how to know what to photograph. All I could tell her was to keep her eyes open and take her time. Waiting and observing usually produces something special.


6 thoughts on “Cosmos in Transition

  1. I’m glad you’re encouraging your grand-daughter’s creativity…get ’em young is my view! I can see this one on my wall; something to look into for inspiration.

    Thanks for viewing my Dusk album and commenting. I agree with you, the album cover pix is my favourite too! 🙂

  2. Great advice for your granddaughter Bonnie, my son is seven and he is showing interest also. So far with him I let him do as much as he can on his own, show interest in his image, don’t give him technical advice and just enjoy the company while it lasts. BTW neat image, love the pof in it.

  3. Wonderful advice to your granddaughter, Bonnie! The softness that is coming through in so many of your macros is really beautiful and gives your images a quality of the real yet surreal.. from this world and yet not.

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