Nature’s Umbrella


In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
– Aristotle

An African Purple Coneflower from my back yard…


6 thoughts on “Nature’s Umbrella

  1. I love these flowers. I had a virtual field of them but they were overrun by Black Eyed Susans which have recently succumbed to some sort of blight or fungus or parasite. So now I have perhaps one or two sad specimens of either the coneflower or the Black Eyed Susans.

    This is a truly lovely vies of the flower.

  2. This year I actually bought a white and a light pink coneflower. I will have to wait a few years before they produce like my purple ones do but looking forward to something new & different. Our finches love the seeds on these flowers when they dry up.

    Love the perspective on this shot as well as the beautiful backdrop colors.

  3. Certainly a different view of the coneflower, but also just as interesting. You’ve captured that droop very well…

  4. What a surprise to see so much textural interest in the back of the flower… Why have I never stopped to look at the back before?

    I feel like I have been only getting 50% of the beauty up ’til now…

    Thank you for doubling my perception!

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