Montage #1


Nothing is more completely the child of art than a garden.
– Sir Walter Scott

Created from three floral photos taken of my garden. Thanks to Michael Brown at Macro Art in Nature for inspiring me to experiment with the art of montage.
Here’s another, created from 5 photos:


10 thoughts on “Montage #1

  1. Girl, ………. this is wonderful! : )
    See, … it’s fun, interesting, and works those braincells of ours. (In my case, what few I have left!)

    This looks great, and almost has that subtle coloring with a antique feel/finish.
    What you could try also, is to boost the color saturation a bit, bringing out the reddish coloring, “then”, try some of the “diffused glow” in Photoshop, which will make the lighter areas even lighter, while it does not effect those reddish colors much at all.
    This is just one of those methods you can use when you want to “punch it up” a notch.

    Know something? You just gave me an idea!! 🙂

    Back at you later,

  2. Bonnie, … yer killing me! 🙂

    This second one is also absolutely wonderful.
    Now on this one, I would “possibly” use the shadow/highlight tool to lighten up the dark areas just slightly.
    It’s just my opinion, but I feel that it might be a touch to dark in those areas. More of a balance might be obtained overall by adding a touch of light in there.

    Still, … this is great as is!
    And yes, you gave me a idea that I will be working on too!! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Mike. Your tips are really helpful. I’m working on lightening that problem area, plus adding some “patch” work down there on the right. This is like painting without the fumes!

  4. Love that second one. Dang it. I’m still at the “here are the tools” in Photoshop. Remind me when I get further along that I can do things like this!

  5. Wow, Bonnie! What an apt pupil you are! You took these ideas and ran with them!!! When I saw Mike on Sunday, he mentioned your ‘paintings’ and really liked them. He said that they reminded him of antique wall papers.

    You go, girl!

  6. Wow these are amazing. I hope the top one will soon be available to wall paper my bathroom;-) Seriously. I’m looking at all these images and thinking how marvelous they would be as a greeting card series and suddenly feeling like I have a long long way to grow.

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