White Lily


Let us not worry, and look instead as it has been taught us to do, as the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, keeping complete faith in Our Father’s goodness. – Franz Liszt



3 thoughts on “White Lily

  1. Bonnie,

    Great shot! The white and grey and black all play together here to make a stunning image. I love the shadowing as well. Excellent work, thank you very much for sharing with everyone. I just launched my new site The Invocable Muse, it is an artists and poets workshop, with a blog community for artists to post and share their finished work. This is not the same as my art blogger where I feature one post a day. This site you register your own name and the work you post is posted by you under the name you choose. The site just launched a day ago so it will be slow in building, but it would be awesome to have you posting there. Your work is excellent and I think that you have a lot of talent to offer inspiring photographers. The idea started because I thought it would be great to create a community of artists and poets where we can all band together and help each others work through critique in our forums, and comment on finished work like yours in our blog. It is fine if you do not have time to join though, just make sure you spread the word. I will leave both links with this, and again thanks for sharing your talent with us. You have a natural eye to capture stunning beauty.


    Shawn Nacona



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